About us

Distraction, stress, muscle tension and negative reactions to emotions were my biggest challenges when competing in professional & college tennis tournaments.

The solution presented itself when I followed for the first time a Neurofeedback Training in 2013 at the Peak Performance Lab of the University of North Carolina Asheville. The results were phenomenal, as my attention and decision-making improved significantly. Being in the flow under pressure was the icing on the top.

The following year a rigorous internship experience started at the Peak Performance Lab while pursuing my B.A in Psychology. My task was to assist tennis, golf, soccer, and basketball athletes experiencing stress, inability to concentrate, emotional reactivity through Neurofeedback, HRV Training and Psychological Skills Training.

Neurofeedback and HRV Training followed me through my M.S in Sport Psychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam while completing a practical internship at the Neurofeedback Institute of Netherlands. It was a brilliant experience, where I specialized in performing and analyzing Brain Mappings of elite athletes and individuals with stress, concentration, sleep and emotional challenges.

I work extensively with high performance athletes and coaches while I also pursue a PhD in Sport Psychophysiology at the University of Thessaly, researching the changes of brainwaves when athletes use self-talk during competition.

Orestis Panoulas
Sport Psychologist
B.A, MSc, PhD (c)