Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback is an non-invasive and innovative method of brain training, which has been used by Olympic Athletes and NASA to enhance concentration and decision making.

The starting point

The human brain has more than 80 billion neurons. These neurons communicate via electrical impulses, which are active constantly throughout our lives and respond to our task demands. For instance, reading a book activates different electrical impulses than when you execute a free throw in basketball.

These electrical impulses are depicted in the brain waves we measure with the EEG headset.

The situation

Bring to your mind a deciding play in a knockout tournament that drew a negative result to that game. Do you remember your attention shifting towards “fear of losing” or “pressure of winning” state? How did that affect your decisions during the game?

Neurofeedback Training can help you modify your own brain waves in order to enhance your concentration on important information in the present moment. This will allow you to make better decisions under pressure.

How it works?

After completing the Brain Assessment, a tailored Neurofeedback Training Protocol is recommended for you. You may be in a seated or standing position during the training, while wearing the EEG headset.

For example, an anxious athlete with excessive thinking (overactive brain) will be assigned to enhance calmer brain waves (alpha) while stopping overactive brain waves (high-beta).The recommended protocol aims to improve the concentration of the athlete while limiting overthinking (distractions).

The brainwaves of the athlete are represented in real time on an iPad screen as a moving car, or a flying plane. When the athlete activates the overactive brain waves (high-beta), real-time negative feedback leads to a direct stop of the car, or drop of the airplane. When activating calmer brain waves (alpha) the athlete receives real-time positive feedback that leads to the car speeding up, or the airplane flying smoothly.

Brainwaves explained

The most common brainwave frequencies that can be measured with neurofeedback equipment are: