Brain Assessment

Using an Electroencephalography (EEG) headset, we measure your brainwave activity in the different areas of the brain during rest and under pressure. The Brain Assessment takes 20 minutes and based on those results a protocol tailored to your brain performance needs is selected for your Neurofeedback Training. EEG Research with elite athletes has revealed biomarkers in relation to concentration and decision making under pressure.

How it works?

During the Brain Assessment you wear the EEG headset, which records the electrical activity of your brain.

You may be in a seated or standing position, which involves 1) an eyes closed (resting) state and 2) an eyes open (active) state performing a cognitive task on an ipad screen.

Your brain assessment is evaluated in comparison to thousands of professional athletes and olympians in real time. After this evaluation, a customized Neurofeedback Training protocol is set to improve your concentration and decision making.