Online Mental Training

Acknowledging the demands and responsibilities of your daily schedule, Online Mental Training offers you a more interactive, time effective and flexible method compared to a face to face consultation.

The starting point

Athlete Assessment is the essential first step of understanding the athlete as a person and the person as an athlete. During this procedure, you are going to explore your values, motives, and beliefs inside and outside of your sport performance as well as your biopsychosocial well being.

The situation

Have you experienced talking to yourself negatively before, during or after a game or practice?

During all these situations your confidence and belief in your abilities weakens, which negatively affects your performance and well-being. Mental Skills Training allows you to prepare to handle these situations, with goal-setting, visualisation, self-talk, and mindfulness routines.

How it works

Online Mental Training will help you:
1 - Identify your biopsychosocial needs and set goals (athlete assessment).

2 -Learn mental skills including relaxation, attentional focus, self-confidence, self-talk, visualization and more.

3 - Apply the newly acquired mental skills during competition.

4 - Evaluate your performance and set new goals if required.