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The Elite Method

Brain Assessment

Is your brain noisy during pressure moments? Let’s evaluate how your busy brain makes
decisions under pressure.

Neurofeedback Training

Worried about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future? Neurofeedback
training will teach you how to focus on the present moment.

HRV Training

Feeling mentally tired and stressed?
Heart Rate Variability training can bring you back to a balanced state.

Services Available

Mental support on tour

Performing to elite standards across the globe is psychologically taxing.We travel by your side to monitor your daily mental state and offer psychological support.

Mental Training (in person & online)

Expectations, goals, finances, injuries, recovery, relationships, family, social media usage influence how you feel and behave on and off the arena. Develop your mental skills to deal with these challenges.

Orestis Panoulas PhD (c)

The triad of Ex-Athlete, Academic Researcher, Sport Psychologist

As a former international level athlete, I’ve witnessed their journey from good to great, unlocking their full potential through consistent work. 
Based on my personal experience as a former athlete, I understand the challenges you encounter in crucial moments. As an academic researcher, I prioritize science-backed techniques to ensure your progress. With my extensive experience as a Sport Psychologist in the United States and Europe, I’ve developed a practical and culturally tailored approach that can meet your individual needs.
Uncover your inner greatness with my dedicated support and expertise.

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